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The Secret Sauce to Generating Quality Mortgage Leads

Housing is a basic need. There is a huge potential pool of clients out there who are searching for a suitable mortgage to finance their new homes and might wish to avail of your service. The demand was further fuelled by massive government incentives and record-low interest rates. 

However, the future can’t be guessed. The COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting effects are still to be ascertained. It is only possible to study trends and be prepared to put ourselves ahead of competition for the years to come.

Mortgage brokers don’t just want to be in this market, have to constantly hustle for business and compete with other companies on equal footing. How can we excel? We need a value proposition that is objectively better, so that not a single soul expects our business levels to recede to the pre-pandemic levels. 

We know that more and more people are shopping for their mortgages online. The hard part is figuring out how to position your service as a solution that everyone needs and bring in a wave of new customers.

This is why Effi built the infrastructure to make that possible –  a lead management platform that can seamlessly open up business and do even more work for you. 

Buying Leads: A Good Choice?

Customers are now shopping and searching for information online so this is how we generate leads now. 

But what’s more important is where are you buying those leads from? Some platforms offer leads at a lower price but instead you have to commit to buying 50 or 100 leads at a time. Some even sell the same leads to different brokers so you don’t have full ownership of the leads. Keep in mind that receiving a list of leads doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically make sales. 

We decided to do things differently. 

We built a lead generation solution on the Effi platform that brings in serious leads and at the same time pushes broker brand awareness. We work alongside some of the greatest loan comparison sites such as RateCity, Finty and Ebroker that provide us with an opportunity to tap into a market of potential borrowers. 

How does it work?

To make things simpler for everyone, something we are all for. Mortgage brokers who purchase a minimum of 5 leads on Effi will see their profile LIVE on these high-traffic websites. When a potential lead needs to contact you, they click on the ‘Request Call’ function showing your availability. We will notify you about this lead, then it’s just a matter of being available, quick to answer and efficient. 

There is time for the leads to be filled in. To put it plainly: only when someone actively makes contact with you, would they count as a lead. You’re paying for real leads, which means you have a higher chance of converting them into paying customers. 

What matters is how you work those leads

There are probably several thousands apps and systems out there to help mortgage brokers run their businesses. You need to sift through the masses and find a tech solution that has all the right mix of functions that work best for you, to keep things ticking smoothly. 

Using a lead management platform like Effi allows brokers to jump fast in everything they do, managing and converting leads effectively. We at Effi are very mindful of the critical importance of having an easy-to-follow and streamlined process to help guide the leads through the loan journey, hence freeing up time for brokers to focus on building relationships with the clients. Effi offers data in real-time so that you can have better, more meaningful engagements with clients.

If you’re struggling to generate quality leads and manage customer relationships, our broker-focused lead management system may just be what you need! Request a 14-day free trial today!