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4 Ways Digital Tools Enhance Mortgage Broker Operations

When it feels like the world is in utter chaos, what else can you do but keep calm and hoard new digital tools to make your job a little easier. 

Technology is rapidly developing, and innovations appear almost every second nowadays. Many professionals across multiple industries now benefit from digital tools that make their daily duties quicker and more efficient, and mortgage brokers are no exception. 

Embracing new technology is always valuable for mortgage brokers because it enables us to vastly improve our productivity and expand our services regardless of geographic locations. 

With that being said, here are some digital tools that can enhance and simplify a mortgage broker’s daily operations. Ready, steady, go! 

1 – Document Signing


E-signature feature on Effi platform
E-Signature Feature on Effi Platform

Digital solutions dramatically streamline and simplify time-consuming tasks like signing documents and requesting signatures from clients. For example: Sending clients a Docusign form to fill out is not only a much quicker pursuit but also a safe and secure process. Brokers and clients are both more comfortable with DocuSign, knowing their process for ensuring documents are not accessed or tampered with. With multi-faceted verification of signing events, brokers can rely on the authenticity of signers. 

This setup of E-signatures is feasible for businesses and everyone involved. And the fact that this solution is valid and legally binding around the world confirms this. 

2 – Appointment Scheduling


Appointment Scheduling on Effi platform
Appointment Scheduling on Effi platform

Instead of a packed schedule of appointments being a source of mild headaches, mortgage broker software systems should make scheduling a breeze allowing customers to sift through your calendar and instantly book appointments with a click. Administrative tasks like accepting and managing these online bookings will be much easier with the right customer relationship management (CRM) system in place so companies can better organise their schedules. 

The ever-excellent lead management system Effi will help brokers manage their schedule through a 2-way calendar sync feature that automates processes like updating calendar invites, setting up recurring events, notifying participants, and viewing modifications in real-time. How nice!

3 – Financial Data Collection and Tracking

We dare say companies that can make the document collection process easier will get more business. Mortgage brokers need a safe and secure online system to automatically collect and track financial data, such as bank statements and other important documents. Please don’t shuttle sensitive financial data  back and forth in your email inbox or exchange them via phone calls. It is NOT safe. A well-designed online portal can help you handle these requests efficiently and securely in a timely manner. This will save everyone’s time so you don’t have to come back, again and again, asking for more paperwork.

Customised Effi Consumer Portal
Customised Effi Consumer Portal

Consider what could be done to simplify this process of gathering paperwork and remove unnecessary stress for your clients. For example, on Effi platform, brokers can ask for all documentation upfront, one time, and alert customers to potential document errors. Customers log into a secure consumer portal to follow instructions and upload information. This keeps the client across what should be submitted in an application and gives the broker plenty of time to check and finalise the paperwork. Once the process is complete, the documents will be purged for security reasons. 

4 – Sales and Marketing

Oh how times change. When a lead management system gives you the instantaneous ability to purchase leads, that means no more costly consultations with a marketing agency. Brokers should be able to use their platform for a lot of things, like keeping track of all their leads, managing their workflow and buying leads directly from the lead sources (aka. Popular comparison sites such as RateCity and Finty) which also feature broker profiles to push brand awareness. It’s super extensive! 

Get a Mortgage Broker Page on Finty – Exclusive to Effi Brokers
Get a Mortgage Broker Page on Finty 

If you’re running all aspects of your business with a few team members, having a platform that allows you to see the performance of your brokers in real-time is really helpful. You and your team will gain a comprehensive understanding of the business performance. (see image below)

Effi Reporting Feature
Effi’s Reporting Feature

Invest in the Best Mortgage Broker CRM in Australia

As we all know, a heavy and dysfunctional workload can leave us worn out and frazzled. Having a good lead management system from the start will set you up for success so you can spend less time on hunting documents and more time building relationships and solving complex lending problems for your customers. 

You need an online system that works 24/7 to assist you in reaching out to prospects and converting them into closed deals. It keeps things simple and efficient. It should also be flexible and customisable. With a  platform that keeps everything neatly in one place, everything filters through seamlessly and presents a growth opportunity for your mortgage brokerage. It is everything. It is the main point of contact to your customers. 

So what are you waiting for? Gift yourself a subscription to a lead management platform that encompasses all the powerful digital solutions if you’re looking to grow your business in a rapidly transforming market. Effi is a state-of-the-art mortgage broker CRM in Australia that will provide you all the best features and help you achieve your business goals. Request a 14-day trial today!