3 Lead Follow-up Best Practices for Higher Conversion

It may go without saying, but it’s worth noting: consistency and time are the backbones of mortgage lead follow-up best practices. Understandably, when and how it’s ideal to contact clients can be questionable every so often. Mortgage professionals that are flourishing put lead follow-up first. It means reaching out to fresh leads at the soonest possible time. As you know, a lead gets colder as time passes, and they’d rather strike when the iron is hot every time.

Immediate contact is the best course of action when it comes to mortgage leads, and it can be through more than one avenue. Many brokers mix traditional and digital means of following up. There are phone calls on one end and emails on the other. Lenders have a tendency to just rely on phone calls, so this alone gives brokers a leg up. 

With further ado, let’s dive into the three lead follow-up best practices!

Make Sure You Keep Track of Client Interactions

It’s important to keep track of the leads you reach out to. How many times have you allowed client emails to pile up in your inbox until it numbered in the hundreds? Does fumbling around the inbox for a few minutes looking for a specific email sound like an activity fraught with frustration? It’s time to change that.  A powerful customer relationship management system (CRM) can take on that and lift the burden from your poor stressed brain. CRM just means any software that helps you track and organise customer relationships, you can use it to store contact info or even design an automated EDM campaign. For instance, on Effi platform, interactions are organised neatly and you can see the progress of each lead as a visual reminder that you’re getting things done like a real-deal productive broker. That way any assigned tasks, messages, notes and reminders won’t be floating around all over the place.  The next time you interact with them, you can just pick up where you left off.

Make Sure You Send Out Emails Regularly

Marketing through email is a proven way to engage leads. Moreover, you can contact both past and current borrowers at any time. Always think: why should my leads and clients stick around? – Create genuine value to customers.

Firstly, emails are the windows into the flow of your business which can help grow your brand. Getting the initial lead interest requires brands to go beyond the products and services. In order to build trust, you need to show customers exactly what the company is all about and how you differentiate yourself from competitors. Try to understand before being understood. Sometimes brands dwell too much into the backstory of their companies and forget about what the clients want. Make sure you show your customers what THEY can get out of your service. 

Secondly, you should be aiming to increase conversions and make sure the content within your emails is actually relevant to your database. In the current market where banks are competing for customers by offering very attractive deals, your clients would want to hear about whatever it is that can save them big bucks whether it’s a better investment, owner-occupier or refinance loan. So make sure you send out those emails to keep you on top of their minds. 

Did you know: emails with short and concise copy and more images have the highest open rate. Have a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) towards the end to encourage your prospective clients to reach out should they want more information.

Be There When Your Leads Are Ready

This step is unfortunately often overlooked. Do you have a lead at hand that isn’t a borrower yet? Statistics show that over 50% of your leads are not ready to buy but 20% will make their purchase after a year of lead nurturing. This is understandable since everybody has different stages of moods and mindsets. They might want to take a breather from life’s biggest decisions now and then. So you want to be there when they’re ready to talk. Persistence and patience have long been proven to pay off. Make sure they are in your CRM so that your team members can efficiently follow up and interact with them. It’s not about hounding them to force a deal for the sake of meeting the monthly target because that will definitely put them off. Think of it as a long game and focus on actually HELPING. Sooner or later, they will come around.


Lead follow-up is one tricky thing. Some of us prefer to stick with no system at all and manage things inside our heads, which is very time-consuming. But we find that the quickest and most efficient way to get it done right is via a lead management platform like Effi. 

At Effi, our passion to solve brokers’ everyday problems with technology led us to create a platform that is clever and makes sense and doesn’t require a steep learning curve for both you and your clients. What matters most to us is how comfortable you and your clients are using the platform and the natural outcomes that come with it.

The platform ensures every single touch point with your brand is as pleasant as possible. The system automatically follows up leads at the ideal time, keeps them engaged and nurtures them from prospects to borrowers to loyal customers. And most notably, Effi takes care of marketing and generating leads for you. 

To find out more about our brilliant platform, get your 14-day commitment-free trial today, you will definitely learn heaps of things and get to see how we do things on Effi that continuously surprise and delight many brokers everyday. Shoot us an email via and we would be more than happy to answer ALL of your burning questions.