using a mortgage crm

Deploying Digital Solutions for Mortgage Broker Services

As the pandemic pushed even more customers towards digital options, financial service firms and any other client-facing industries have streamlined a lot of their processes to remain viable and relevant. As a result, they are now able to tap into different customers and borrower markets that were previously unreachable. Making this quick shift has allowed these firms to extend their technology capabilities to provide better convenience and faster results for their customers.

So you see, we are witnessing this digital transformation in the financial services sector with the use of automation and AI to improve our speed and efficiency. As mortgage brokers, we must build our business to be agile, customer-centric and technology-driven to stay ahead of the curve.

OK, we’ll admit it: we may be biased when it comes to this matter – as you tend to be when you’re a Fintech company. But quite seriously, a mortgage broker-focused platform can help you automate your process of gathering and reporting on customer data, manage your workflow and free up time for you to build relationships with clients and expand your business.  

Let’s explore how these programs can breathe life into what you’re doing every single day.

Streamlining the Home Loan Process

One thing became clear to us that customers are more gravitating towards digital experiences that can save them valuable time and money. Most people dread the home loan process and sometimes the process itself deters people from buying or refinancing a home. This is an opportunity for mortgage brokers to find the tools that simplify the home application process because it clearly proves valuable to customers. Even lenders are also trying to cut down the time needed to process a loan application as much as they could. 

Technologies such as e-signature, document/bank statement collection and triggered-based messages can supercharge your processing speed and allow you to do business from anywhere, at any time. 

Matching Big Data with AI 

A streamlined process is even more powerful with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Allow us to explain: financial services hold valuable insights from data but these data have to be structured in a way that makes sense for us. In this case, AI easily outperforms us. While humans are more suited to perform cognitive tasks and tasks that require feeling and humanity, AI is particularly good at data-intensive tasks. The more data you feed into it, the more intuitive it becomes and the better it performs. AI easily makes sense of data to give us powerful insights to act on. Use it to figure out patterns, trends and behaviours to create a more personalised experience for your customers. 

Automating Communications

Raise your hands if you are struggling to consistently follow up on your clients. We get it, you feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done. The good news is, it can be automated. You will appreciate an effective CRM or lead management platform that allows you to nurture relationships and build trust with prospects using automation. 

Automation comes in many forms, it can be a chatbot that answers customers’ basic inquiries in real time, that can carry a natural front-facing conversation and alert the human to take action. It can also be a calendar tool that sets up appointments with clients for you. It can send automated emails to touch base with customers regularly. The rest of the work left for you is to oversee the operations and ensure everything runs smoothly as it should be.

Final Notes

The mortgage industry is changing fast whether you’re with it or not. Start by looking at the bottlenecks in your system that might be stopping your company from further growth. Then utilise more efficient tools to remove those barriers to improve your customer experience. You will find that you can free up a huge chunk of time to focus on what you’re best at and scale up in more places. 

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