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5 Effective Lead Generation Techniques for Mortgage Brokers

Loan officers or mortgage professionals, as they are sometimes referred to, often take advantage of mortgage lead generation to grow their business. In simple terms, lead generation is the act of gathering leads or interests of people looking for a mortgage. Once you have those leads, you’ll then be able to nurture them down the funnel to see the result for your business. It is one of the key ways for mortgage brokers to maintain a constant influx of potential clients to maintain their success. While gathering interests may seem like a simple job, it is more challenging than some people think.

So the question stands: How can you generate leads?

For starters, you need to work out your mortgage lead generating strategies: work out where your customers are, what content they actually care about so you can focus on your messaging and necessary opt-ins to attract potential customers to you instead of traditional methods like cold calling and direct mail. Below are some techniques you can use to generate better leads:

Have a Good Website

Your company website itself is a lead generator that you need to pay more attention to. Establish yourself as a trusted authority in the mortgage industry by having a professional-looking, quality website that potential customers can visit anytime. That will help you drive traffic to your site and cultivate trust with your new website visitors. You may also showcase deals and offers that attract visitors and make them want to provide their contact information. 

Focus on What You Do Best

Diversification is mostly overrated if you ask any expert out there. Don’t aim to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. When you try to have it all, you are not sufficiently confident in any area and will less likely triumph. It’s better to build up a deep pool of skills  in a specific area in your field to make it your signature branding. If you don’t have a niche yet, then invest the time and resources to develop one. For instance, make it so that you specialise in a particular loan program or a specific real estate. 

Be Social

If we’re being honest, your social media content is your golden ticket to getting tons of online conversations. Get leads by sharing content regularly and boosting your online presence. You may try publishing short videos and sharing them on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may even boost that further by offering free mortgage advice alongside your contact information or start your own community and fill it with people who want to find out more about your business. Don’t hesitate to toot your own horns by sharing past client success stories in the form of videos, blog articles and whatever it may be. The possibilities are endless!   

Focus on Local Listings

You might be thinking: what can Google do for my small business with a low marketing budget? Well, it’s more like what can’t it do? List your business on local directories and create a profile on Google My Business.  Make sure that your information is accurate and updated. Your free business profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps and helps your business stand out in local search results for mortgage or refinancing in your area. It also gives customers more ways to reach you by calling, messaging or leaving reviews.  If you want traffic to your website, this is a really good way to get it there.

Reply to Reviews

In our mind, reviews are excellent grabbing the attention of potential customers and building your business credibility. They’ll also help you cultivate a positive and robust image on review-centric sites that customers always use as a reference before spending money on anything.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and evaluate whether your reviews are enough to make them want to purchase. Think of your service as any product on the marketa watch, a dress, shoes, a carand determine whether it is worth your money. That is how most potential customers think when they come across a service, so make it worth their while!


It’s time for mortgage brokers to really up their game in lead generation to step away from traditional methods and embrace and utilise digital means. Long gone are the days when mortgage brokers need to do cold calling or direct mailing as their primary tactic. However, you don’t have to pivot your entire strategy towards digital overnight but what you can do is slowly work your way up –  maintain a solid online presence and perhaps combine it with traditional methods for an effective lead generation strategy. 

We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is the superpower needed by mortgage brokers to generate leads, track data and improve client satisfaction. So we created an AI-powered platform that does all that and then some, and we called it Effi. 

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