The Right Way to Target Your Prospects: What You Need to Know

When you’re trying to secure more leads as a mortgage broker, it’s easy to throw money at advertising and expect an influx of inquiries through email or phone. However, the reality is that it is much harder to attract potential clients in an industry filled with aspiring homeowners that are nervous about submitting a mortgage application and getting denied. Additionally, few people are inclined to give their hard-earned money and personal information after seeing just one ad.

To make the most out of your advertising, you’ll need to reframe your mindset: the ad is not meant to make a sale but to funnel prospects off the avenue they’re on, whether social media or Google, by making them click. With CRM for mortgage brokers and fine-tuning your targeting process, you’ll start enjoying a steady stream of leads. Here’s what you need to know:

Targeting Prospects in Ready-to-Buy Mode

Prospects in ready-to-buy mode are fully conscious of a need they must address, which is why they’re searching for the right person or business to do that for them. It’s best to target these individuals through Google Ads or SEO and place extra emphasis on high-ranking purchase-intent keywords and phrases to ensure that you reach them.

Targeting Prospects Who are Aware of You

The goal is to nudge prospects in buy mode towards your virtual doorstep and make inquiries. Once they’re aware of you, you can target them through various platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, though it’s best to focus on Google and Facebook as the online giants with the most data.

Targeting through these platforms means you can take advantage of their advanced targeting features. You can then identify prospects that display buyer intent and match all precisely targeted criteria, like purchase activity and household income. With over 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, you’ll have a better chance of reaching your prospects by fine-tuning your targeting strategy and ensuring you’re the first mortgage company your target audience sees. 

Targeting Cold Prospects

Cold prospects take up the most significant part of your market. You can reach them through various channels like YouTube, Instagram Ads, and Facebook. With mortgage broker automation like Effi, you can target these prospects and access your biggest earning potential thanks to our smart AI assistance and powerful software that makes it easy to run your marketing.

Still, even with these tools, you’ll have to make sure you turn them into warm prospects by establishing a clever sales funnel with informative content. Given the Internet browsing habits these days, you’ll have only a second or two to catch their attention, so it’s crucial to plan each step in your targeting strategy carefully. With creative, engaging, and education-based content, you’ll encourage them to go to you for more information, making them more likely to go to you for all their mortgage needs. Instead of demanding the prospect to make contact or sign up, guide them to the next step in their sales journey, establishing a solid connection with them.


Securing more leads can be tricky in the mortgage industry. However, many hopeful homeowners shop around for quotes, so if they ask you for one, you can engage them further to ensure they get their loan from you. By fine-tuning your targeting, you’ll enjoy more leads than ever before.

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