Living with COVID

Are we ready to live with COVID?

We’ve heard in many headlines that we just have to learn to live with the virus. The idea that covid will be wiped away completely from the face of the Earth and everything is going to wonderfully go back to normal seems unlikely. Given that total eradication has only been achieved with one virus before – smallpox in 1980. And it took us decades to get to that point plus the vaccine was so stable it didn’t need to be refrigerated. 

Let’s face the situation squarely. This virus is not going to go away anytime soon. We have sequential surges of different variants and are quite likely to get further mutations, circulating in different parts of the world. We will have to keep on and on developing vaccines. Though, the vaccine itself isn’t the only answer. We need different degrees of working from home, different degrees of lockdown and adapting our lifestyle for a period ahead.  

In other words, we have to find a way of progressing, one that accepts the long-term burden from this disease, and puts in appropriate actions to help us evolve from this. 

Hybrid work arrangements

Many companies are adopting the new hybrid arrangement where employees are only required to come into the office once a week on the same day as their team. The rest of the time, they will have the flexibility to work from home. So when people come to work, they maximise their in-office day for collaborative work, face-to-face meetings and brainstorming sessions. There’s an evolution of workplaces that is already underway that converts individual desks into collaborative space and social environments where staff can get together.

Taking mental breaks

When we think of working from home, we think of sleep-ins, no peak-hour commutes and slouchy pants all day in our little work nooks, but it presents its own set of challenges. Your job and life can blur into one. There’s also this pressure to be always on the go which we don’t think is sustainable or healthy for anyone of any ability. Mortgage brokers especially tend to push for productivity but rest is the only reason we can do those things. Take time to look after your poor stressed brains. Make sure you prioritise yourself so that you can give your energy to others that need it. 

Pivoting towards the new reality

There’s a silver lining in all this. When you have your back against the wall, that’s when you need to think about innovating. Business owners finally pursue projects they didn’t have the time to do before, experiment and put effort into what’s profitable. They can finally get creative with their product offerings and tune into what their customers need most from them, not just resting on their laurels. It’s equally important to put strategies in place, hire talented people, add efficient apps or platforms to offer better customer experience. Trust us, it does wonders for your long-term resilience and growth. 

Teaming up with other businesses

It’s infinitely harder to do things on your lonesome. At times like these, collaboration and mutual support can go a long way to keep business coming in. It doesn’t have to be a grand project either – aligning with other brokers and services in the space to help spread the word about each other is a place to start.