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Five Effective Tips to Finding Great Mortgage Leads

The country is experiencing a regional property boom. And while it’s debatable whether this trend will last, mortgage brokers are now put in a unique situation. The industry has become hypercompetitive, as everyone is trying to capitalise on this golden opportunity. This is why it’s extremely important to prioritise lead generation. The more leads you have, the will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of clients.

Now, this can be rather difficult as there are countless ways to approach this. To help you get started, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a handful of tips that you will find useful to your profession. If this is something that you want to know more about, read on as we list down five effective tips to finding great mortgage leads!

Utilise Social Media

Social media is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to marketing on the internet. The sheer number of people that are on social media makes it well worth the investment. You’ll want to utilize ads on various social media platforms so that you can expand your reach and effectively generate more leads. 

One great thing about social media ads is that it lets you target specific users that are aligned with your customers. This, paired with the massive user base of social media platforms, make social media a cost-effective tool to generate more leads.

Maximise Both Paid and Organic Searches

While social media is a handy tool, you’ll also want to invest in both paid and organic searches as well. Search engines can be an effective tool when it comes to reaching new customers. Think about it like this, whenever a potential customer searches for “mortgage broker near me” your services will be on top of the list via paid searches. 

Establish Partnerships Outside of Your Industry

The first mistake that mortgage brokers make is they fail to develop partnerships outside of their industry. By establishing partnerships in adjacent industries, you give yourself an opportunity to generate new leads as they will be likely to refer you to their clients and partners. This is especially true if you build connections with individuals that have the trust of your target market.

Monitor Your Properties

Sometimes the leads that you are looking for are already in front of you. Remember that lead generation doesn’t always have to be complicated, as your current clients lead you to new ones. Be sure to monitor your properties for clients that are selling their homes. Once you’ve identified them, you can contact the prospective buyers so you can pre qualify them for financing on their new property. Did you know that you can showcase your profile on high traffic home loan comparison websites as a top mortgage broker in your area and purchase phone verified leads? Speak to our team today.

Prioritise Customer Experience

Lastly, improving your overall customer experience will go a long way when it comes to generating new leads. You’ll want to improve your site and add in tools that will make it easier for your potential clients. Simply adding a scheduling tool will make your services infinitely more appealing to potential clients.


We hope these tips prove to be useful in helping you generate new leads. As you can see, there is more than one way to generate high-quality leads. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when you’re trying to generate new leads, as these will help you make the most out of the opportunities that you encounter.

If you’re a mortgage broker that wants to gain a competitive advantage, consider investing in software specialising in managing your customer relationships and getting you more leads. Effi is a leading mortgage broker CRM system in Australia, using AI to transform your sales experience. We’re dedicated to helping you grow your business—get in touch with us today!