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How Effi Streamlines Every Mortgage Broker’s Workflow

There’s a lot involved when managing a mortgage firm — from ensuring your mortgage brokers have the right tools to execute various tasks to having the right strategies to generate leads. With that being said, a lot can get lost in the piles of documents and tasks to accomplish.

Fortunately, developers have created a solution to streamline every mortgage broker’s workflow. Thanks to Effi, mortgage broking will never be the same again.

Effi is an AI-based machine learning platform that simplifies businesses and transforms customer service for mortgage brokers. Its features allow mortgage brokers to streamline tedious paperwork requirements, reducing workflow issues and delays. 

What is Effi?

Mortgage brokers rely on a system that helps them organise their clientele base—from organising their personal information to set reminders for meetings and more. With Effi, the value of time is at the forefront, allowing mortgage brokers to improve their service to customers, ultimately boosting client experience and generating more sales. 

With all the organisational features and system processes, there’s no denying that Effi is one of the best mortgage broking CRMs out in the digital world today. 

If you’re curious to know more about Effi and why you should integrate this fantastic SaaS into your firm, keep reading. Below are some of the benefits you get with efficient software like Effi. 

Why Should I Use Effi?

Enhance Your Mortgage Brokers’ Digital Experience

When you have a below-average digital experience, know that it could negatively affect your business’s operations, especially for a broking firm in a competitive market. 

With the right CRM like Effi, you can streamline customer support by providing them with the documents and information they need conveniently. Besides that, your mortgage brokers can provide real-time and efficient support. This ensures you get a hold of relevant leads that can build your client base. 

Simplifies Paperwork and Quickens Processing Time

Gone are the days when mortgage brokers rely on manual techniques and methods to process paperwork. These traditional methods would often take up to days or weeks before a client’s request has been processed. 

Thanks to SaaS software like Effi, you can delegate tasks to bots, allowing them to do repetitive legwork, such as issuing requests, triggering reminders, collecting data, and even answer common questions. With that, you take a load off from your mortgage brokers, allowing them to streamline mundane tasks, quicken processing time, and have a more effective workflow. 

Machine Learning Adapts to Customer Behaviour

Because Effi is built with the complexities of AI, it has predictive learning, adapting to every customer’s behaviour. With that, it can tailor appropriate responses that fit a customer’s needs or availability. 

With this system, Effi can pick up changes in customer behaviour and responses, allowing them to learn the right answers to help mitigate customer expectations, offering clear communication in a positive tone. 

This advancement causes engagement levels with customers to rise, improving your business’s reputation and, of course, increasing your sales. 

Support the Mortgage Industry’s Fight for Market Share

Right now, brokers are writing 57 per cent of home loans, when in reality, they should be writing 70 per cent. With the advancements of Effi, brokers will be provided with critical feedback and data that can help improve engagements with customers, allowing them to rank higher in the market. 

The platform can help transform and revolutionise the mortgage finance industry because of its efficiency and ability to adapt to brokers’ ever-changing environment and workspace. 

The Bottom Line: Streamlining Your Mortgage Brokers’ Workflows is the Key to Your Firm’s Success

Sure, traditional methods were tried and proven to work, but now that we live in the digital age, customer behaviour has changed drastically. 

Effi provides mortgage brokers with a chance to improve customer engagement and streamline their workflow to enhance overall customer support. Having the right tools that will help streamline your company’s workflow will help you reach your business goals much faster. 

Try the Smartest Mortgage Broker Platform Ever Built

If you’re looking for a broker CRM system, Effi is exactly what you need. 

Effi is an AI-powered platform designed for mortgage brokers to help them streamline their workflow, from generating leads to tracking data, improving overall client satisfaction. Request for a 14-day trial today!