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3 Lead Generation Techniques Mortgage Brokers Must Consider

Lead generation is essential to having a thriving mortgage brokering business. It regulates incoming deals, closes profitable client exchanges, and boosts credibility in the marketplace. If you don’t focus on this or even fail to have a solid approach, you can lose out on revenue, forcing bankruptcy. These realities are the standard because of the higher demand for loan options and better accessibility due to the Internet. To ensure you find the right strategies for garnering great leads, consider the following tips: 

1. Get prospective clients from reliable connections

Your mortgage brokering business may have already serviced plenty of clients and have positive reviews from their experience with your team. As an independent broker, you may have also had a few success stories worth revisiting. Also, there are real estate businesses that know you with their own pool of prospects, like real estate agents, accountants and financial planners. Through these connections, it is possible to find new willing clients. It is just a matter of being people-oriented and fostering new client relationships. 

What you do have to watch out for is possible competition since some of your connections may look to other mortgage brokers for referrals. There is also the possibility that these prospects have a different outlook on your business than your previous connections do, leading to questionable biases. Just be mindful of these pitfalls by focusing on customer relationship management (CRM) to maintain your business’s positive reputation. 

2. Consider reaching out through remarketing campaigns

Every mortgage broker’s pay-per-lead rate is different, and most of them may be more expensive than they bargained for, which restricts marketing costs and lead generation goals. While there are cost-effective ways to generate leads, like social media and email campaigns, they may not work as well as businesses would hope due to lack of engagement and market conditions. So, it may be time to focus on remarketing, a strategy meant to target clients that are deeper into the client journey or funnel. 

Remarketing campaigns are more cost-effective and can be profitable than garnering fresh leads because you are dealing with clients who have already shown their intent in your mortgage business. They just need to be either nurtured some more as a prospect or given limited-time incentives to take advantage of consumers’ sense of urgency. 

3. Automate your marketing efforts with effective mortgage broker software

There are plenty of moving parts necessary to run a successful mortgage brokerage business, so you may not even have the time and energy to focus on lead generation. The good news is you don’t have to because CRM software with built-in marketing functionality can enable you to do so, allowing brand integration, quick turnaround rates, and seamless mortgage applications through technological means. You can even save more money and focus on taking a more executive role in your business by being there for your clients when they have specific concerns. This way, you can easily convert leads into clients!


Lead generation is a must for your mortgage brokering business, so having access to the right techniques to initiate effective campaigns should be one of your top priorities. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what you can do. Just ensure you have the latest tools like ours to widen your reach and secure more deals! 

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