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The Best Mortgage Tech Tools for Independent Brokers

For most mortgage brokers, proper client acquisition is the best way to ensure that their practice enjoys sustainable growth. This means investing in various technological tools, which allows them to utilise their respective skills. Up until recently, the only necessary tool to have must be a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which has been designed to store, organise, and track clients. 

Although the technology has undeniably been useful over the last couple of years, many mortgage brokers understand the importance of embracing technology. Given how quickly the world is changing, shaking up the mortgage process is necessary now more than ever. Offering the best possible services is the only way to keep a loyal client base, which could mean investing in numerous tools for a seamless service. 

If you’re a mortgage broker looking to further and better your practice, a technology overhaul may be necessary. We’ve gathered the most critical tools you need to have:

The Top Tools to Have 

1 – A professional website 

Most of your clients now exist in the carefully constructed digital world, which is why solidifying your online presence is necessary. Existing without a business website leaves you at a disadvantage, especially since most of your competitors likely already have this virtual storefront. 

Prospective clients turn to search engines to look for businesses—without your name coming up, you’ll remain confined in a tiny corner. That said, it’s important to invest in a website that resonates. Consider incorporating the following elements for the best possible results:

  • Highlighting your experience, capabilities, and solutions offered
  • Visual elements that inspire trust and exude professionalism
  • A lead generation tool that allows you to collect data, contact information, and other necessary items from your clients 

2 – A CRM software 

The mortgage industry is undeniably competitive, which is why it’s still critical to have an effective CRM platform by your side. The only sure way to remain competitive is by building solid relationships with clients, which allows you to keep your business growing and profitable. Nurturing these relationships, however, is easier said than done. You’ll need to exert time, energy, and focus, which can be difficult to provide as an independent contractor.

With the help of a good CRM platform, however, you’ll be empowered to serve your clients without the extra set of hands. Advanced CRMS allow you to manage sales, track leads, and engage with contacts, tailored according to your given needs. As a result, you’ll have a powerful tool that keeps clients happy.

The Best Integrated Solution for Your Mortgage Practice

A website is necessary for building a strong online presence, whereas a CRM software platform allows you to connect and interact with prospects. If you truly wish to make it big in the mortgage industry, however, you’ll want to invest in something more—preferably one that’s fast, intelligent, and utterly delightful.

Effi believes in the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and we’ve harnessed the potential by allowing mortgage brokers to experience a sales process unlike any other. We’ve built it to be more than just a lead management or CRM system—here, you can improve your conversion rates, gain access to real-time leads and business performance, and indulge clients with meaningful engagement and interactions through one portal. 

It’s essentially an extension of you as a mortgage broker, thereby allowing you to remain predictive, efficient, and ever-ready to grow your business. With flexibility and customisation available, everything will be tailored according to your needs. Cut your admin time in half, get notifications, and know where to focus for the best revenue stream—Effi can do it all.

Invest in Your Future Today

If you’re on the hunt for the best mortgage broker tools, Effi is the only answer. As an AI-powered platform, you’ll have access to lead generation, data tracking, and client service, guaranteed to help you grow in unprecedented ways. Start your 14-day trial today!