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Top Ways to Generate Leads for Mortgage Brokers in 2021

As a mortgage broker, you know that staying on top of the game is important. To successfully compete with other players in the industry, you need to create a lead generation strategy that targets and acquires customers and encourages them to take your products and services. 

Since lead generation is a key factor for a successful business in other industries, it doesn’t mean that the mortgage business is any different. You need to learn how to successfully conduct lead generation because it is the key to ongoing success and growth. While all of these seem pretty straightforward, it’s not an easy task to do.

For one, you need to learn to adapt and implement new strategies as you go. A lot of professionals often close their doors to the trends in the market because they believe their strategies already work. Although it does work, refusing to adapt can lead to detriments in your business. You will be deprived of certain opportunities and modern options. 

What you can do is mix your existing marketing strategies while adopting new ones. In this way, you can create well-rounded strategies that use your proven methods and apply new ones. This can potentially bring more leads. 

Since mortgage leads want to obtain a mortgage or are interested to learn about it, you need to create the right strategies. These steady streams of leads are important to the success of your business. Here are some ways to generate more leads:

Utilise the Power of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to generate leads because so many people use these platforms to communicate, shop, and learn—whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Share your business on social media platforms and make use of their ads. 

Try publishing videos on YouTube too. You can even share testimonials from your existing clients on your business page or share some information on your business. Make sure that you utilise the platform to your advantage and create a link back to your content.

Create Compelling Content

Having quality content aids you in driving traffic to your website. It lures visitors to examine your other content, builds trust, and encourages them to give you their contact information. These things can help you become a leader in the mortgage business, so you need to create good content if you want to be on top. One of the top ways to create good content is to create a blog. 

Create different topics about the mortgage industry. Search for what people commonly ask on the Internet and properly optimise your article. Don’t forget to create a schedule on the days you upload a blog. Weekly blogs are good, but it’s best to post new content each day. 

Content isn’t only limited to blog articles because you can also create visual content. There are a lot of people who love videos since they are easy to absorb. So, if you want to create good visual content, put your effort and energy into it. 


In addition to the above obvious ways to generate leads, there are many other ways for mortgage brokers to generate leads. You can also try building partnerships and networking or posting on local listings. Effi has also partnered with comparison website to showcase profiles of mortgage brokers using Effi on their website as top mortgage brokers. Speak to Effi support staff to find out more about the lead generation.