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4 Ways Automation Can Help Mortgage Brokers Improve Lead Generation

One of the many advantages of being in the mortgage industry is that no matter what, people will always need homes to live in and the means to finance them, whether through their own pockets or mortgages. Still, competition is stiff, and you’re likely well aware of the importance of generating and nurturing new leads. 

The pandemic has rapidly changed how people choose and purchase homes due to the economic uncertainty of thousands of businesses shutting down or retrenching employees. Additionally, with increasing competition from online lenders, the tactics that worked for you a few years ago may not hold any water today. Fortunately, streamlining mundane, tedious tasks through automation will free up your time and allow you to focus on your highest-value work. Here are four ways automation can help you improve lead generation and enjoy more success:

1. It Instantly Funnels Web and Email Mortgage Leads into Your CRM

Getting a mortgage broker CRM will significantly increase your productivity and improve your chances of success. It’s ideal for managing leads while ensuring you stay compliant with industry regulations. Additionally, you can set up your CRM to capture leads from your website right away, which will help you organise leads more efficiently. Your highest-value leads, like referrals from realtors, can also be captured by your CRM with the help of email parsing software, which will pull specific data from chosen emails and migrate that data for you. That way, you can more easily distinguish between the quality of your leads and focus on the ones who are most likely to convert.

2. It Assigns Leads to Your Team

Automation is all about taking care of repetitive tasks so that you can focus on what you do best: nurturing leads and convince them to turn to you for all their mortgage-related needs. To get this done, set up your CRM to distribute new leads automatically from your website to your team, ensuring that everyone gets an equally essential and sufficient workload. It will also avoid the confusion that naturally comes with organising this task manually, saving everyone hours of time and stressful headaches.

3. It Allows You to Set Up Email Auto-Responders

Another excellent way automation can step in to help you is by automating your email responders. Borrowers who need a mortgage often do their research online, comb through reviews, and get multiple quotes to figure out the most suitable lenders. However, the secret is that whoever replies first often wins their business, so immediately responding to inquiries is crucial.

Nonetheless, given your neverending to-do list, it’s not like you have all day to refresh your email every minute. Luckily, this is where automation helps. Crafting a well-written auto-responder message will quench your potential customers’ thirst for assistance and allow you to provide excellent service until you need to follow up. You can also use auto-responders to follow up with those who submit a lead form on your site.

4. It Helps You Use Retargeting Ads to Nurture Website Visitors

Every business has its “the one that got away,” or website visitors who lurk but never fill out a lead form or purchase from you. The great thing about automation is that you can use it to create retargeting campaigns, which automatically targets these people. It nudges them gently further down the funnel while being cost-effective, as they’re generally more affordable than cost-per-click ads. Additionally, you can put up retargeting ads on Google or Facebook to make them even more effective.


Investing in CRM for mortgage brokers to take advantage of all the automation it offers is a great way to capture high-quality leads and drive success for your business. With these benefits, you’ll never turn back to completing your tasks manually!

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