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Leads From Aggregators: Will They Fit Your Business Model?

Every lead generation strategy comes with a set of pros and cons, depending on how it fits into your business model. Most industries have certain tried-and-tested techniques for customer acquisition. Past client referrals and word-of-mouth are the mortgage industry’s bread and butter. Given this, it’s vital to maintain good relations with current client bases. Although referral marketing can expand your set of loyal customers, it can also be limiting for your company. 

If you want to make greater strides when it comes to client acquisition, you’ll have to expand your reach. Thankfully, there are quite a few innovative channels you can use to do so.

Buying online leads through aggregators

The idea of leveraging digital tools and platforms isn’t new to most modern businesses and industries. Digital marketing, for one, serves as a critical component for brand marketing efforts. Through online lead generation, you can considerably expand your access to your local demographic. Subscribing to aggregators as a brokerage channel can effectively improve your sales channels and connect with the right clients. However, being unprepared can lead to an unaccounted for catastrophic influx of numerous prospective leads. This is why it’s necessary to set precautionary measures to brace your business for a new system.

In this article, we’ll share four things you should assess before signing up for leads from aggregators.

1. Open your company for collaboration

The success of your company will depend on how well you can manage your business relationships. Besides maintaining good relations with your clients, you should also be willing to work with your business partners. Subscribing to lead generation aggregators is a long-term commitment. This means you should allow your company to grow and adapt to their needs and vice-versa.

2. Expand your scalability

Mortgage brokers who buy online leads must be willing to buy leads in bulk to gain new business. You can ask for a discount if you buy bulk leads with a long-term commitment. However, you must have a streamlined process that can manage the increased volume of prospective clients. For this reason, it’s necessary to brace your team for queueing the long line of people who could turn into qualified leads.

3. Have a robust CRM system

Not all lead generation providers will provide you with assistance in managing your leads efficiently. This is why it’s necessary to have your internal processes and necessary automation before making a move to buy leads. Ensure that your company can speak to more clients daily beyond your current limits. Remember—first impressions will always be the make or break point when converting customers.

4. Do a background check on your lead generation provider

Before fully committing to a lead generation provider, it’s necessary to scope out alternatives available. Like any business partnership, you should get to know who you’re working with and what other options are out there. This allows you to gauge their credibility and compatibility with your business practices. You should ask for a complete demo of how the lead is generated and what information is asked before the lead is sent to you. Never settle for the first provider you see and learn how to weigh the pros and cons of their service based on their reputation and track record.


A steady stream of new customers is instrumental in a business’s success, especially for mortgage businesses. For this reason, upscaling through technology with the right automation will always have a critical component in your operations. For this reason, you shouldn’t shy away from innovation if it can significantly improve your business’s sales figures and revenue stream. The more advanced your digital tools are, the greater advantage you’ll have against your competitors.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is instrumental in your business’s success. We use AI to innovate your sales experience, improving conversion rates and optimising engagements in real-time. In addition to automated lead management, we work with high traffic home loan websites vetted by us to showcase your profile as a top mortgage broker for lead generation. If you want to experience using technologically advanced CRM software for mortgage brokers and grow your business with quality leads, request a 14-day free trial with us today!