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Balancing Human Oversight and Automation in Mortgage Broking

People go online today to search for everything—cars, plane tickets, electronics, anything—and they expect to see the price of these items, together with taxes, licenses, and other fees to pay. This practice has made it easier for people to shop for a loan. People can study their options independently and check different real estate mortgage options and read FAQs at their own pace. If they need to talk to a representative, they can reach out to a company’s website.

Through an AI-powered digital concierge, brokers can create the same experience for their leads and clients. However, it is still essential for borrowers and brokers to correspond through phone calls. A call establishes rapport and trust and provides both parties with a venue for questions. What’s important, though, is that these conversations occur strategically.

The Best Time for a Call Between Borrower and Broker

The most important time for a phone call is when the borrower has located financing options that appeal to them and fit into their budget. At that point, a mortgage broker CRM can schedule a call between the borrower and a broker. During the call, the broker can ask the right questions to understand the borrower’s loan requirements and needs and give the borrower suitable recommendations.

Allowing experts to take over the process at this phase instead of having the borrower complete a long, complex online form makes a difference in the client’s user experience. It also makes the process faster and increases the chances of closing the loan.

Why Brokers Need an Automated Loan Process

Mortgage brokers with structured workflows can better handle mortgage automation. Having automated loans means a more predictable revenue stream. As soon as a lead enters the system, the broker will know the likelihood of closing the lead. As the loan process advances, they will have a clearer picture of the entire process’s duration, which is one way to predict future revenue.

With mortgage broker automation, organisations can open job opportunities to staff who aren’t highly trained in the lending process. The AI can guide the staff to the next steps. This solution is perfect for a lender with a large staff or one that wants to scale operations—automation can reduce monthly payroll since the organisation can be more efficient with AI-powered workflows.

Aside from these benefits, AI can help brokers determine if they are hitting their revenue goals every month. A mortgage broker CRM system, for example, can help them predict their revenue from a given loan cycle. Your employees responsible for lead generation will also appreciate the transparency that your AI-powered system provides.

How Mortgage Broker CRMs Help Borrowers

One thing that all types of clients value is good service. From hotel guests to loan borrowers, everyone appreciates competence and care. When you have an automated mortgage process and couple it with human oversight for critical areas, you give borrowers peace of mind that their loan is in good hands. Automation allows them to obtain their loan with as little stress as possible.

Furthermore, if the process is predictable, borrowers can fit their schedule and other financial plans around the closing date since they know their chances for closing the loan.


Automation can help small to medium enterprises grow their business. For example, when mortgage brokers use an AI-powered digital concierge, they can have more meaningful engagements with consumers. Using mortgage broker software with a borrower portal enables them to deliver at a higher level of customer care and gain valuable insights from their interactions with clients, improving their processes in the long run.

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