3 Vital Tips to Boost Your Mortgage Business’s Efficiency

As a professional mortgage broker or business owner, working with many clients from various backgrounds can be overwhelming. It’s because you often have to change your approach for different housing situations to ensure they work with your business. Luckily, there are innovative tools, such as customer relationship manager (CRM) and technology solutions, to help you. To ensure you go about using them properly, refer to the following tips: 

Don’t be too focused on your calendar

According to a study, it takes up to 52 touchpoints to convert a mortgage prospect into a confirmed client. In fact, you may focus on four separate attempts just to ensure you book a meeting. It’s like talking to someone back and forth through online chat before you can schedule mortgage broker appointments. Unfortunately, despite these realities, many businesses waste over eight hours a month per teammate simply because they waste time preoccupied with their calendering. It’s primarily because they don’t have the right CRM with a calendar automation tool. 

As such, ensure that your team works towards more productive means to set dates with prospects and utilise CRM interventions to meet this demand. This way, you can keep real-time availability and avoid tedious manual email scheduling and short lead sales cycle. Doing this gives you and your team the success you need to scale further and beat your competition. 

Take advantage of email outreach and marketing 

Lead nurturing through manual emails is not a sustainable practice for businesses like yours. Remember, CRM tools nowadays can generate leads faster than the combined efforts of you and your staff. In fact, automated email marketing can garner up to 38 dollars for every one dollar spent! All you have to do is ensure your business is ready through communication channels, such as video conferencing and emails, to keep your current and future clients happy. 

Additionally, instead of working on the sales pitch through your email marketing, work towards giving the best rates and services through your mortgage solutions. For instance, if you know the first-time house buyers want a particular loan and interest rate, make it competitively better than what is currently being offered. This way, you can incorporate these favourable deals into your emails and other marketing efforts. 

Tidy up your database

Your mortgage broker’s data clutter and other related database issues can affect your overall performance. In fact, bad data can lead up to 12 per cent of lost revenue, 21 per cent of reputation damage, and 28 per cent through email delivery inconveniences. That’s why your collection and classification for all data should be improved, primarily through your mortgage broker CRM system. You can better collate details, sync them, and keep updated records to manage your current and future customers effectively. You should also do some general housekeeping with your database by dedicating a few minutes to check for any fresh leads, new opportunities to offer deals, and the like. 


With your mortgage broker CRM system, you can easily be a more efficient provider for better financing deals. However, if you are stuck in your old ways, you can expect to quickly be overtaken by your competitions. Therefore, remember all the formerly mentioned tips and work towards improving your business!

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